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Proudly Announcing Our Latest Achievement: Best of Georgia Regional Winner 2023! 🏆🏆 

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with our valued clients and partners! E.D. Co. LLC has been recognized as the Best of Georgia Regional Winner 2023 in the category of Business Consulting by the prestigious Georgia Business Journal.

With over seven years of expertise in digital advertising, we have had the privilege of spearheading campaigns across a diverse range of industries and scales. From staffing agencies, home services, and theme parks to specialized sectors like pharmaceutical software, robotic AI, and hedge fund risk management, our portfolio is as extensive as it is varied. Whether it’s a small startup, an eCommerce venture, or legal services, our experience encompasses it all. Our passion lies in the art and science of digital advertising, and the pinnacle of our work is realized when we collaborate with clients to achieve their aspirations.


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HUGE Growth Tactics, Even for Small Businesses


Think size limits potential? Think again. At E.D. & Co., we’ve crafted our services to let even the coziest of businesses play in the big leagues. Dive into a realm where every move is calculated, every campaign is a masterpiece, and every business, big or small, gets its moment in the spotlight.

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Unlock limitless potential with targeted lead generation, turning curious clicks into loyal customers.


Reputation Management

Guard your brand’s integrity with proactive reputation management, turning every feedback into an opportunity for growth.


Digital Advertising

Elevate your brand’s presence with cutting-edge digital advertising, seamlessly connecting you to your ideal audience.


Social Media Management

Amplify your voice in the digital realm with strategic social media campaigns, fostering genuine connections and building a loyal community


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We don’t replace your advertising strategy – we work with it by enhancing its strengths, addressing its gaps, and seamlessly integrating innovative tactics for amplified results.

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